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Translations by native professionals specializing in technical texts.

Our translators are specialists in technical translations in the legalmedical or IT fields, among other areas.

Technical translation requires a sound terminological and operative base inherent in the different specialized fields in which it is produced and where the documentation is used. For technical translators in our translation agency, simply mastering the source and target languages perfectly is not enough; they need to know what the text refers to, the subject and the terminology used in this specific context.

In the 15 years we have been translating for our customers, we have covered the following sectors and subjects:

Legal: contracts, agreements, court decisions, legal judgements, allegations, complaints, tenders.

Technical/engineering: manuals for hydraulic systems, cranes, conveyors, stackers, automated warehouses, pumping stations.

Medical: medical reports, analyses, contributions to international medical journals, documentation of medical congresses.

IT: software and hardware instructions, programming language manuals, product sheets, technical product descriptions, advertising brochures.

Tourism: travel guides, city and country map-guides, town council information leaflets, presentations, information material, restaurant menus, analysis and opinions of visitors and critics.

At connect translation agency we use computer-assisted translation tools (e.g. Trados Studio or memoQ) to respond to large technical translations with high quality, terminological consistency and efficiency. These technological tools should NOT be confused with machine translation (like Google Translate) as they only help the professional translator maintain terminological consistency and increase the daily volume of production.

In addition, we create translation memories based on your documentation and personalised terminology databases for each customer. Each technical translation project will be assigned to a technical translator or team of translators specializing in the field to produce the best result in the target language.