Translation agency with native professionals

At connect we offer comprehensive translation services that are fast and reliable. Our translations are provided by a select international network of over 600 professional translators, proofreaders and interpreters.

At connect translation agency all texts are translated by us, professionals, real people! We do not use machine translation (MT), automated translators or software, like Google Translate. This means that the translated text can be read and understood perfectly, showing the nuances inherent in the native language and reflecting the full linguistic expression of the original text.

Each translation is proofread and checked before delivery to the customer, by a SECOND TEAM of proofreaders, ensuring 100% accuracy and quality of the translated text. No additional or hidden costs. Our quote states the final price, for the whole process: translation - editing - proofreading.

Our translation agency has a team of professional translators, each specializing in specific fields - technical, business, legal, medical or tourism, etc.

We can offer all the usual commercial languages, including English (UK and US), German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) and Dutch.

We also have teams of translators for the languages ​​of the new EU member states and countries in the Asian region.

Each member of our team of translators translates exclusively into their native language, guaranteeing a final product that truly reflects the nuances of the original text, whether it is a technical manual, a contract, a business letter or any other document.

By translating your documentation with connect, you can be sure that the target language text will be accurate, idiomatically correct and presented in the same format as the original text. Give us a try!